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Jordan Webb Named KU's Starting QB Against Georgia Tech

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Jordan Webb and Kale Pick spent months battling each other for the starting quarterback job. The competition went deep into the offseason -- so deep that some (read: me) thought it was doing more damage than good by splitting in half the first team reps for the starter -- but eventually Gill named Pick the starter.

Pick entered game one against North Dakota State and....

Well, everyone knows what happened, right?

Pick was bad in that game. Webb, the red-shirt freshman came in, and he was less bad.

Even though Pick was named the starter just a month ago, he has lost his job. Gill announced on Wednesday that Jordan Webb will be the starter against Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Per KU

"I just thought that right now, if you look at the things that happened in the last game and overall at what's going on, we thought he would give us the best opportunity at this point in time," Gill said. "We feel good about what he's done and right now he deserves to get his opportunity."

I don't think this is the right move. I think he has to stick with Pick, as bad as he was.

Now Webb knows that one bad game from him could land him back on the bench. That's OK for most positions on the football field but the quarterback needs that mental support. He needs that confidence. It's such a delicate position to deal with and Gill's throwing out starting jobs left and right.

I think KU is in trouble either way but, in my opinion, Gill botched this starting quarterback competition. The team can clearly see he isn't sure what to do after naming another starting quarterback just six days into the season.

And this news clearly means that the rumor that made its way to newspapers covering KU, radio stations around Kansas City and internet sites like this -- that Kale Pick was rumored to be quitting the team -- is clearly false now.