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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 9/8

Lew Perkins' retirement shakes KU

Lew Perkins retired a year earlier than he said he would and he got all the money he was scheduled to get -- even the big payment that required him to be employed by KU in June of 2011.

Does that make sense to you? It sure doesn't to me.

KU is calling it a retirement but we've learned over the years that there's always more to the story. There's a report out there that KU didn't want him around when the next AD was being hired. That makes sense because, with all the internal misbehavior going on at KU, Perkins clearly had issues hiring the right people.

i wonder how he'll be remembered.

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Billy Butler's hand injury the story in the Royals second loss to the Twins

The Royals on Tuesday lost 10-3 to the Twins. The highlight of the night for the Royals though was a bad hop on a groundball hitting first baseman Billy Butler and bruising his hand.

X-rays are negative so it appears there's nothing to worry about but still a slightly scary moment.

The injury happened in the third inning and Kila Ka'aihue took his spot at first.

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Chiefs preparing for the Chargers on Monday Night Football

The fan base is jacked up for Monday Night Football between the Chiefs and Chargers. The game's sold out and it should be a a throwback to the 'good ole days' when Arrowhead was the best stadium to see a game.

The Chiefs are saying you should be in your seats 30 minutes early for some sort of special announcement. We're not sure what that his -- musical acts make more sense at halftime -- but the Chiefs have gotten me into my seat early.

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Mizzou AD Mike Alden talks Derrick Washington

Mizzou AD Mike Alden appeared on 810 WHB in Kansas City this week and briefly discussed the Derrick Washington suspension.

The question I think many of us want to know: Do they know more than we know? Because using just the information we (the public) have, Washington's suspension seems premature.

"We always are communicating at a very good and a very high level," Alden said. "So it would be certainly safe to say that hopefully we have a good handle on everything that’s going on around our program and a lot of stuff that we’ll know about will be things that aren’t necessarily played out in public."

Thanks to KC Star for the transcribed words.

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