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Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers: Keys To The Game

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The Kansas City Chiefs will open the 2010 regular season on Monday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers.

For the Chiefs, it's a major test. The Chargers are the defending division champs and if the Chiefs want to be in that class they'll have to learn how to beat the Chargers.

The Chargers took two from the Chiefs last year in embarrassing fashion. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley figures he's done enough to make this a lot less embarrassing.

Here are a few keys to the game:

Run the ball well. This is the most important part of the Chiefs game plan. The Chargers and QB Philip Rivers are among the elite in passing the ball and the best way to slow them down is to keep the ball out of their hands.

Control the time of possession. This goes along with the run game. The Chargers will score a lot of points if you give them the opportunity. How to stop that? Don't give them so many opportunities by controlling the clock.

Create a turnover. The Chiefs didn't create many turnovers in the preseason but if they want to beat the Chargers they'll have to. Pound for pound the Chargers are clearly better than the Chiefs so Kansas City will need a few breaks to go their way and that should start with turnovers.

No big plays. This has been something the Chiefs have been touting since last year: Don't give up big plays. It's demoralizing first of all but second of all it will tire out the Chiefs offense.

Starting fast. The Chiefs biggest enemy: Starting fast. The Chiefs haven't started fast for quite some time now but they need to against the Chargers. It's simple, really. The Chiefs aren't good enough to come back against the Chargers. They need to score first then control the clock.