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Charlie Weis To Florida Announcement Expected Monday

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On Friday there were some reports floating out that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator could be leaving the Kansas City Chiefs to assume the same role at the University of Florida. Multiple reporters said this was the case and it appears an official announcement is coming.

The Associated Press reports Weis has agreed to take the job and a formal announcement wil be made Monday. Weis will continue to coach with the Chiefs throughout the playoffs.

This can't be the distraction the Chiefs wanted starting the playoffs. They will host the Jets, Ravens or Steelers next week in the wildcard round of the playoffs.

Weis lasted a little less than one year in Kansas City. It's not clearly exactly why Weis is leaving. There's a report that his son is also headed to Florida to work in the football office with Will Muschamp. It's also been reported that Weis and Todd Haley had some sort of issues working together.

The Chiefs still have the playoffs to go so they can't worry about this too much. It'll be interesting to see if or how this affects the team on the field.