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Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Search: Broncos' Mike McCoy A Candidate

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The Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday lost the game to the Baltimore Ravens and their offensive coordinator to the University of Florida. With the end of the season upon us, Charlie Weis is gone. He's headed to Florida and the Chiefs will have to find his replacement.

One name could be Mike McCoy, the Denver Broncos offensive coordinator. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports the Chiefs are "strongly considering" McCoy now that the season is over. Mort had the story on the Chiefs hiring Weis and his exit so he must have the hook up on Chiefs offensive coordinator news. In other words, prepare for McCoy to be your next offensive coordinator.

He was hired by the Carolina Panthers in 2000 where he held several offensive positions until being hired onto the staff of Josh McDaniels in 2009. He and McDaniels have a similar playbook and terminology to the one run by Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

McCoy would be replacing Weis and he would become the fourth offensive coordinator for the Chiefs since Todd Haley came to KC -- Chan Gailey, Haley, Weis and then the new guy.

McCoy was under contract only through the 2010 season, according to Mort.

Kent Babb of the KC Star dropped McCoy's name as a possibility last week and has a strong argument for why the Chiefs would consider him.