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No. 14 Texas A&M Aggies Are Slightly Favored Over No. 15 Missouri Tigers

The Missouri Tigers will meet the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday at 12:00 p.m. in College Station, Texas. This is a big time match up of the 14th team in the country (Texas A&M) against the 15th ranked team in the country (Missouri). Texas A&M has one loss on their while Mizzou, with last week's loss to Colorado, has two on the season.

Texas A&M goes old-school when beating opponents -- play good defense and rebound. Obviously that's easier said than done but the Aggies are second in the nation in rebounding and are a feisty, smart group.

They haven't lost since Nov. 25 and havereeled off 12 consecutive victories since then.

During the streak, A&M has limited teams to 37.1 percent shooting. The Aggies have exhibited lockdown mode in crunch time. During the final three minutes of games, opponents have managed to make 10 of 54 shots (18.5 percent).  

Missouri's strength is that they'll out-run and out-hustle you. They're deep and, like Texas A&M, they're going to make you work for everything.

Missouri is among the highest-scoring teams in the country with an 85-point average, with Laurence Bowers, Ratliffe, Dixon and English also averaging in double figures. All are capable of carrying the load. A deep bench led by forward Justin Safford and brothers Phil and Matt Pressey also helps make it easier for Denmon to find good looks.    

This figures to be an excellent matchup on Saturday. Texas A&M is a slight favorite -- five points -- so we'll see if the Tigers can pull off the upset.