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Kansas Jayhawks Host Nebraska Cornhuskers At Allen Fieldhouse

The Kansas Jayhawks and they're undefeated record will host the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at Allen Fieldhouse. The Jayhawks are 16-0 and 1-0 in Big 12 Conference play and arguably the best team in the country right now with the Duke Blue Devils losing this week. They've got a lot going for them.

But a closer examination has some folks predicting they'll be getting their first loss soon. I don't think that comes against Nebraska but I can see what people mean. Kansas' last two games were close -- five point victory against Iowa State and seven point OT victory over Michigan -- making some think they're coming back to earth.

Maybe that's the case but those two games were on the road and on Saturday Nebraska is coming into Allen Fieldhouse. KU basketball simply doesn't lose in Allen Fieldhouse. 

Kansas is a 15-point favorite over Nebraska so don't get any wild ideas that the Huskers are walking in here and beating Kansas. Down the road Kansas will have some questions to answer -- Monday night in Waco, TX -- but for now Kansas fans don't have much to worry about.

Kansas is the third ranked team in the country with a shot to move up with Duke losing so they need to win this game to secure a shot at the top spot next week. My money says they'll have no problem doing that.