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Freddy Asprilla Leaves Kansas State To Go Pro, Help 'Very Ill' Mother

The Kansas State Wildcats have lost two games in a row and there are now some who are legitimately questioning whether they're a tournament team or not. Jacob Pullen was asked that question after a loss this week and said he would not play in the NIT if that's where the Wildcats went.

After thinking this had to be rock bottom for Kansas State this year, they get some more bad news -- Freddy Asprilla is leaving the program. Frank Martin made the announcement on Saturday.

"After discussions with Freddy, we have come to a mutual decision that we feel is in his best interest," Martin said. "I expect him to explore professional playing opportunities in his home country. We appreciate his efforts this season and wish him the best of luck in the future."

Art Alvarez, his former AAU coach, told Kellis Robinett of the KC Star some of the details:

"Freddy Asprilla is turning pro to help his very ill mother. He is sacrificing his collegiate career to make money at the professional level."

Asprill is from Villavicencio, Colombia, which is where he is expected to go.

He was originally headed to Miami following high school but didn't qualify academically and went to prep school for a year instead. From there he was set to go to Florida International until the head coach was replaced which sent him to JUCO before hitting Kansas State this year.  Asprilla was averaging 4.9 points and 4.9 rebounds per game for the Wildcats this year.

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