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ESPN's Big Monday Schedule: Missouri Tigers Will Host Kansas State Wildcats

The Kansas State Wildcats will have one of their biggest tests of the season, as will the Missouri Tigers, when the two teams meet each other Monday afternoon in Mizzou Arena. K-State and Mizzou will be playing as part of ESPN's Big Monday lineup at 4:30 p.m.

Kansas State is 13-5 and has lost two of their last three games. They were hitting rock bottom before Saturday's game against Texas Tech. Freddy Asprilla had just announced he was leaving the program, Kansas State was losing, Jacob Pullen had just freaked out about the NIT and things generally weren't looking good at K-State. Then they blew out Texas Tech by 34 points and things are starting to come back to earth a little bit. They are 1-2 in Big 12 conference play. 

Missouri is 15-3 and has lost two of their last three games to Colorado and Texas A&M, which went to overtime. The Tigers are a very good team that runs fast all day and has shown they've got some depth to do it. Marcus Denmon has emerged as their best player while Ricardo Ratliffe plays an important role down low as well.

Both teams need a win just to get back on track to avoid a small losing streak turning into a big losing streak. The Tigers have the edge in the line on the game, which is six points, so the early nod goes to them. But we've seen Kansas State and we know what they're capable of (if they want to do it). 

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