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Kansas Vs. Baylor: LaceDarius Dunn Is Key In ESPN Big Monday Matchup

ESPN Big Monday has a heck of a slate of games including the Kansas Jayhawks traveling to take on the Baylor Bears. Kansas has a perfect 17-0 record at this point though their last three games have been a little closer than they'd like. This is KU's toughest matchup to date in Big 12 Conference play and stopping LaceDarius Dunn will be one of the keys, as Owen Kemp of SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk points out.

The Baylor Bears are one of the most athletic teams top to bottom in the league and it starts with senior guard LaceDarius Dunn.  Dunn has had some off the chart games over his time at Baylor and after a suspension to start the season, he's right back where he left off.  The 6'4" guard is one of the top three point threats in the Big 12 as a whole and has twelve threes in just three conference games.  He averages 22.3 per game while shooting nearly 42% from beyond the arc.  Factor in his athleticism on the defensive end and his ability to hit the glass and Dunn is a game changing player on any given night.    

This should make KU a little nervous if this game is close. Kansas has a couple of play makers but they're really built around the team. Dunn can take over a game and that's something Kansas will have to keep an eye on if Baylor is going to hang with them.

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