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How Far Can Kansas State Fall? Schedule Includes Texas A&M, Baylor, Kansas

I was wondering when -- or if -- the Kansas State Wildcats would get out of whatever funk they're in and start playing the K-State basketball we became accustomed to in the last year. These are clearly two different teams (most common reason given for the difference: loss of Denis Clemente) and, at 13--6, you have to wonder how far Kansas State can fall.

Looking at their schedule, they could very easily drop another three in a row.

Kansas State goes on the road to face Texas A&M this weekend. Texas A&M recently beat Missouri and they're one of the hottest teams in the Big 12. I'd say K-State doesn't have a great chance of winning this game if we see the same A&M team.

Then they host Baylor after that which is a tough game to figure out. Baylor's kind of hit or miss but they're a long, athletic team that can cause you some problems. After watching Kansas dominate them, it's hard to say they can beat up on K-State, but it will be a toss up.

After that, Kansas State goes to Kansas to face the Jayhawks. Anything can happen in a rivalry game but clearly these teams are going in two different directions.

Let's say K-State loses all three of those. Can they recover from 13-9 and 1-6 in the Big 12?