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Raiders Vs. Chiefs: NFL Playoff Seeding Is On The Line For Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders will meet at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday for Week 17. For the Raiders, the game doesn't mean much. They're eliminated from the playoffs but they are trying to get to 8-8 on the season. For the Chiefs, the game is the difference between the third and fourth seed in the 2010 NFL playoffs.

The Chiefs currently hold the third seed if the playoffs ended today. If they win, or if the Colts lose, that will stay the same. If the Chiefs lose and the Colts win, then that means KC will be the fourth seed.

That could be the difference between playing the Jets, Ravens or Steelers in Kansas City on wildcard weekend. That's a big difference. If the Chiefs win and the Steelers win or the Jets lose, they'll be playing the Jets. That would be the best matchup for KC of those three teams.

The Chiefs are trying to get to 11-5 on the year and they're favored to beat Oakland. There's a question of whether the Chiefs will play their starters the entire game but Chiefs coach Todd Haley says that they will.