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NFL Playoff Picture: Steelers Beating Browns Likely Points To Ravens, Jets As Chiefs Next Opponent

The Kansas City Chiefs will hold the third or fourth playoff spot by the end of Week 17 and it appears they'll be playing either the Baltimore Ravens or New York Jets. The Pittsburgh Steelers are also an option but Pittsburgh is beating the Cleveland Browns 14-0 early and a victory there would secure the second playoff spot for them meaning the Chiefs wouldn't be hosting them in round one of the playoffs.

So here's where we stand. If the Chiefs win or the Colts lose, the Chiefs will be hosting the Jets at Arrowhead Stadium. If the Chiefs lose and the Colts win, the Chiefs will be hosting the Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium in round one of the NFL playoffs.

The distinction is important because I think from KC's perspective they'd rather win today and host the Jets rather than the Ravens. The Ravens don't have an obvious weak point while the Chiefs could potentially exploit Mark Sanchez at QB for the Jets. 

Assuming the Steelers and Chiefs win in Week 17, the Chiefs would travel to Pittsburgh if they won in round one of the playoffs. As the second seed, the Steelers would have a first round bye and host the Chiefs in round two if they won.

There's still a lot of football to be played this week but early signs have the Jets visiting Kansas City.