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Frank Martin Says Kansas State Wildcats Are Improving

If you'll rewind to the beginning of the college basketball season, the Kansas State Wildcats started out strong winning their first four games. During that stretch, head coach Frank Martin said Kansas State wasn't playing very well despite their 4-0 record.

Then came the No. 1 team in the country, Duke, who handed K-State their first loss of the season. But the Wildcats responded winning five consecutive games after that sitting at 9-1 on the season. Still, Martin continued to say K-State was not as good as last year's team and they were missing senior leadership.

Martin was obviously right. Since then, K-State has gone 4-6 and clearly struggled to win, and even to stay competitive in some games. So you could almost argue that Martin saw the struggles coming. Maybe not going 4-6 in a 10-game stretch but he knew they weren't as good as the 2010 team.

So should we take anything out of Martin saying that K-State is now a better team?

"We're getting better," he said. "I understand our record doesn't show it but we're better prepared to win today than we were on Jan. 1. I really feel that we're better prepared to win games today than we were even yesterday."    

He was right the first time about this team struggling even though they had a good record. Is he right this time around about K-State getting better even though their record lately doesn't show it?