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NFC's Super Bowl Teams: 10 Teams In 10 Years

The parity in the NFL is amazing at times with about half of the playoff field turning over every year and usually at least one (like the Kansas City Chiefs this year) going from last place one year to first place the following year. However the NFL has done it, the parity is incredible.

Here's another stat (via Peter King of SI) demonstrating that-- in the last 10 years, there have been 10 different teams representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. 10-for-10!

There are 16 teams in the NFC and 10 of them have been in the Super Bowl in the last decade. Of the remaining six teams, five of them have won a playoff game. Only Detroit is playoff winless in that time.

The AFC has had some more dominating teams in the last decade including the New England Patriots (four Super Bowl appearances) and Pittsburgh Steelers (three Super Bowl appearances).

That's pretty incredible. What's almost as incredible is the Chiefs playoff winless streak dating back to January 1994 -- an NFL record seven consecutive playoff losses.