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Jay Cutler's Knee Injury Is Reportedly A MCL Tear

The Chicago Bears lost the NFC Championship game to the Green Bay Packers denying them a shot at the 2011 Super Bowl. The Bears got down to their third quarterback in the game after starter Jay Cutler and backup Todd Collins were injured.

Cutler's injury has created a controversy as some are questioning his toughness. The play on which Cutler injured his knee isn't quite clear and he never went down in pain which made it hard for some to discover when he was actually injured.

Following the game, there was an outburst of folks questioning his toughness, heart, effort, etc. From former players to current players to fans, Cutler was getting ripped.

Now here comes the reality of it all -- he has a MCL tear. Chicago Sun-Times' Sean Jensen reports Cutler's knee injury was a MCL tear which makes his decision to exit the game make a little more sense. They're not sure of the grade or extent of the injury but I wonder now if we'll see some folks apologizing for questioning his toughness.

I doubt it.