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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Kansas Drops to 6th With Loss To Texas

The Kansas Jayhawks' first loss of the season dropped them six spots in the latest NCAA basketball rankings. The AP poll has KU basketball at No. 6 after being ranked No. 2 last week. Ranked ahead of Kansas is Ohio State in the top spot followed by Pittsburgh, Duke, San Diego State and Connecticut. Texas, who beat Kansas, is ranked seventh followed by Villanova at eighth and Syracuse and Villanova, who are tied for ninth. 

Kansas checks in at 18-1 on the season right now after beating Baylor and dropping a game to Texas last week. They'll play Colorado and Kansas State this week. The Missouri Tigers come in at No. 11 after being ranked No. 13 last week. Mizzou is on the cusp of a top 10 ranking once again after beating Kansas State and Iowa State this week. They have a huge game this weekend against Texas. Kansas State is not ranked once again after dropping out last week.

The game of the week for the Kansas City-area teams will be Missouri vs. Texas. If the Longhorns beat Oklahoma State, it'll be two 17-3 teams playing each other. 

Texas, Texas A&M and Kansas lead the Big 12 standings and all three are ranked in the top 13 of the AP poll.