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2011 Senior Bowl: Who Are The Kansas City Chiefs Looking At?

The Kansas City Chiefs personnel staff, including GM Scott Pioli, made their way to Mobile, Ala., this week to take in the action before Saturday's 2011 Senior Bowl game. The game, which does not feature underclassmen eligible for the draft, is one of the first parts of the 2011 NFL draft process.

The Chiefs will take in practices and talk with various players. There's not much real info to be gleaned here but it's always interesting to take a look at the players the Chiefs are talking to. The caveat, of course, is that the Chiefs talk to a TON of players so it isn't necessarily an indication they're planning to draft a particular player.

Nevertheless, here's who the Chiefs have been connected to through various reports:

Oklahoma S Quinton Carter: The Chiefs were seen talking to him (via Draft Countdown) though a safety doesn't exactly seem like the most important position for the Chiefs right now. They have a pair of young safeties in Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis that, to me, did well in year one. He's projected to go sometime after the second round.

Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo: The Chiefs were also seen talking to him and he could be a candidate for the Chiefs 21st overall pick. He's big, well-coaches and has lots of experience. That's a combination GM Scott Pioli likes.

Iowa DT Christian Ballard: The Chiefs met with him on Monday night, according to Matt Bowen of National Football Post. He's someone to keep an eye on because I believe Pioli likes a lot of players that come from Kirk Ferentz's program at Iowa. 

As usual, there will be plenty of more players the Chiefs will be connected to.