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2011 NFL Draft: Chiefs Could Benefit From Weak Offensive Line Class

At this point, several mock drafts have the Chiefs heading toward the defensive side of the ball with perhaps a twist with a wide receiver. Taking another pass rusher to sit alongside Tamba Hali in the linebacking corps is certainly a popular consensus given the draft's talent and availability at the 21st overall choice of players who fit that mold. Yet another need for the Chiefs may benefit from what many draft experts are calling a major weakness.

For the first time in several years, there is no dominant offensive lineman taking up headlines as a Top 3 or 5 choice. In fact, an offensive lineman might not even make the Top 10. In the pass-heavy world of the NFL where teams have to protect their most expensive investment at quarterback, that's a major surprise. Teams will pick not only for need but value, which means that the top of this years o-line class might not come until later.

That could mean that the market falls to a team like Kansas City perfectly. Just because there are no high profile elite tackles doesn't mean there aren't good-to-great ones available, and the need fits the Chiefs perfectly. Guys like Nate Solder (Colorado), Anthony Constanzo (Boston College), Tyron Smith (USC) and Mike Pouncey (Florida) might all be available when the Chiefs pick, giving the Chiefs optimum draft value at a position of need -- the perfect combination.