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Frank White Leaving Kansas City Royals

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Longtime Kansas City Royals great Frank White is leaving the organization as a full-time employee, according to Dick Kaegel of White, who is also calling games for Royals telecasts on FOX Sports Kansas City, was asked to take a pay cut by the Royals but apparently refused.

White was previously a full-time employee making appearances for the team. His FOX Sports duties pushed into that schedule and he wasn't able to make as many appearances. So the Royals asked him to take a pay cut and they couldn't come to an agreement on that.

"They felt like because I increased the number of games I did with Fox, I wasn't able to be used as much as they wanted to use me, so therefore, it required reduction in salary," White said. "We just couldn't come to an agreement on that."

This isn't some sort of messy divorce -- or even a complete divorce. White still plans to do some things with the Royals.

"As far as my dealings with the Royals -- since 1996, I've had a great time as a coach on the field. I was able to get a couple years in the front office and three years in the Minor Leagues managing," White said. "And the last three years I've been in community relations, and that's all been fun to me. I really feel like I learned a lot."

White is a Royals Hall of Famer and has been with the club in some capacity since 1996.

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