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Missouri Tigers Blow Out North Alabama, 98-58

Kansas beat UMKC by 47 on Wednesday night and Mizzou did the same beating North Alabama, 98-58. The Tigers dominated the game from start to finish and there was really no doubt in this one. Kim English had 20 points on 6 of 9 3-pointers and a whopping seven Tigers scored in double digits.

Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson wondered if they would be able to get up for North Alabama.

"From a talent stand point, they were outmatched, but this is one of those games you worry about. Our guys have been so amped up in terms of playing teams and now you bring in a team that has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I thought we did better in the second half. When our guys came out, they sort of went through the motions, so it was a game you kind of worry about your guys - can they get up for North Alabama? We got some quality minutes for other guys and had two guys with double-doubles."

That's a legitimate question and one you have to think about. Mizzou plays a high tempo game so they needs lots of energy and it's only natural you wouldn't be as amped for North Alabama as you would Georgetown.

Mizzou now turns its focus to the Big 12 against Colorado this weekend.

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