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NFL Playoff Picks: Anyone Taking Chiefs Over Ravens?

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The answer to the headline of this story: No. Well, very few. We've come across an ESPN analyst here and a NFL Network host there who's picking the Kansas City Chiefs but for the most part we see most people taking the Baltimore Ravens over the Chiefs in the wildcard round of the 2011 NFL playoffs.

Pro Football Talk has come out with their picks and, no surprise, they're both taking the Ravens over the Chiefs.

Florio's take:  Baltimore is playing its sixth playoff road game since 2008.  The Chiefs lost some of their luster with an uninspired Week 17 performance against the Raiders.  The decision of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis to take the same job at the college level speaks to a certain amount of dysfunction in the organization - just enough to keep them from finishing their unlikely playoff run with a victory over a better team.

Florio's pick:  Ravens 20, Chiefs 14.

The distractions, I think, could be a problem. This Chiefs team thrives so much on continuity and routine. The Charlie Weis business broke at least some of that routine. That's one of my biggest worries.

Rosenthal's take:  The Ravens don't have an offense that can put teams away, which is dangerous for a team whose defense has struggled in the fourth quarter all year.  The Chiefs don't have an offense that can threaten you through the air, especially if Dwayne Bowe is out.  Jamaal Charles is the best player in this game and can keep it close.  But Kansas City's lack of weapons will ultimately cost them.

Rosenthal's pick: Ravens 16, Chiefs 14.    

The Chiefs do have play makers but it's not that hard to make them one dimensional. Take away Jamaal Charles, and you make them one dimensional. Take away Dwayne Bowe, and you make them one dimensional. So if the Ravens can take away one of those guys, they've got a very good chance to beat the Chiefs.