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NFL Trade Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Would Be Perfect Spot For Seahawks LB Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry would be a great addition to the Chiefs linebacking corps at a fraction of the price he should cost.

If you rewind a few years to the 2009 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs were on the clock with the No. 3 overall selection. Leading up to this point, it was clear the Chiefs needed help on several fronts without a player who really stood out. Matt Stafford was already off the board to the Detroit Lions as their QB of the future and Jason Smith was the left tackle selected by the St. Louis Rams. Now the Chiefs had to choose whether to go with Tyson Jackson, a defensive end out of LSU, or Aaron Curry, the pass rushing linebacker from Wake Forest. They chose Jackson and Curry went next to Seattle.

But now the Chiefs have a chance to add both players. As Seattle cleaned house the next year and brought in Pete Carroll to captain the ship, the Seahawks have cleared out multiple players on both sides of the ball and the linebacking corps has been completely revamped. Lofa Tatupu was released and Curry was benched, his talents no longer appreciated in a starring role.

The Chiefs know well what happens when a new regime comes in and drops the prices on everyone in order to clear them out and bring in their players. That's key to realize that Curry no longer has anyone in a position of power in Seattle who is linked to him. He's not "their guy," which means that he can certainly be had for cheaper than other teams would value him. And given that Curry is still only 25 years old, this becomes a marriage made in heaven.

Curry is currently struggling in his 4-3 assignments, having to drop back into coverage and make reads in a zone formation. He's a square peg in a round hole who would excel having to cover the tight end and shedding blockers to rush the passer. That's perfect for a 3-4 scheme like the Chiefs run where there's still a place for him to play opposite Tamba Hali.

The Chiefs brought in Justin Houston with the third round choice this last April and they also have Andy Studebaker on the roster, but Curry could definitely add significant value in the competition he would bring as well as his abilities based on what he displayed at Wake Forest. Covering a tight end is also a must with the offenses that the Chiefs face several times a season in the AFC West. Kevin Boss and Antonio Gates both play prominent roles in their teams' offenses, and having someone to shut that down would be key.

If the Chiefs could secure the services of Curry for a fifth round choice, for instance, that's a deal worth making. The Chiefs already have a thin linebacking corps as it is and they tried to add to it by bringing in Houston on the outside and Brandon Siler on the inside, along with Gabe Miller in the fifth round. Siler was lost for the season and the rookies have played like rookies, if at all. Curry would be a great addition not only for this year but looking ahead toward the future as well.

It's clear that Curry still has that big play ability. Even within a scheme that doesn't fit him, he had 57 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles last season in Pete Carroll's first season. The Chiefs could use an impact defender with the loss of Eric Berry for the year and the lack of depth all around. Here's hoping Scott Pioli can make something work and bring home the player he was considering two seasons ago.