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NFL Injury Update: Mario Williams, Tarvaris Jackson Hurt In Week Five

Mario Williams is likely out for the season while Jackson's status is still uncertain.

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With another week in the NFL comes another round-up of major injuries that will affect the ability of several teams to think positively about the rest of the season. For the Houston Texans, they have to be feeling a bit of bad karma and are doing their best impersonation of the Kansas City Chiefs with consecutive major injuries taking out their best players.

The big news this week is that Adam Schefter is reporting that Mario Williams has a torn pectoral muscle and is likely out for the season. That comes as a major hit on a defense that is built around Williams' pass rushing ability and new rushers like Brooks Reed and J.J. Watt have not developed quite yet into the players that Wade Phillips and company believe they can be. The Texans still have Brian Cushing, so they are still able to get after the passer, but no team can withstand the loss of such an elite talent.

The Seahawks are also hurting today after Tarvaris Jackson went down in competition yesterday in the third quarter against the New York Giants with the same issue as Williams. It's still uncertain how long Jackson might be out. The Seahawks also lost Zach Miller and Leroy Hill at various points as well.

The Chargers continue to hurt without Antonio Gates and it's unclear when he will be back. The Chiefs could also use an offensive boost with Jon Baldwin who should return after the upcoming bye week.