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Kyle Boller In For Jason Campbell As Raiders Quarterback (Good News For Chiefs)

As the Chiefs prepare during the bye week for the Oakland Raiders in week seven, they might need to switch gears and aim for another quarterback to prepare for. That's because Kyle Boller is under center for the Raiders after Jason Campbell apparently hurt his throwing shoulder in the second quarter of today's game against the Cleveland Browns. It's not as if Jason Campbell is an elite level NFL quarterback, but you'd better believe the difference from Campbell to Boller is very significant.

Boller hasn't played yet at all this year and he only threw four passes all of last season as well (including one interception). His career numbers even when he did play don't speak for his case to be able to impact a game either with 48 touchdowns to 51 interceptions. The Chiefs have to be pleased about this development, although news of Campbell's injury has yet to be confirmed.