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Initial BCS Rankings, Week 8: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Represent Top Of Big 12

Stanford’s lack of a quality schedule hurts them. Oklahoma State has the opposite problem. Welcome to the BCS Rankings from Week 8 where it’s clear that teams are finally paying a bit of a price for a lighter opponent week after week while others who pushed through a tough season so far are getting rewarded. The Cowboys are sitting at No. 4 in the BCS Rankings, just one spot below the Oklahoma Sooners. The pair create a tough Big 12 presence right in the heart of the BCS Bowl Projections.

Kansas State is also hanging around at 6-0, coming in at No. 12 overall. Former Big 12 member Nebraska is next at No. 13 and Texas A&M holds tight at No. 17. Interestingly enough, Houston, a member potentially mentioned as a Big 12 addition, is also around at No. 19.

LSU and Alabama are sitting at the top of the rankings at No. 1 and 2 respectively, showing the dominance of the SEC above all other conferences. You can check out the full rankings at SB Nation.