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NFL Trade Rumors: St. Louis Rams Reportedly Set To Reunite Brandon Lloyd With Josh McDaniels

The St. Louis Rams of the winless variety are, for whatever reason, intent on acquiring at 30-year-old wide receiver. Perhaps they think the NFC East is still in reach, but the San Francisco 49ers are revealing otherwise. Either way, the team is likely looking out for the development of their prized quarterback, Sam Bradford, as they’re on the verge of acquiring Brandon Lloyd from the Denver Broncos.

Lloyd led the NFL in receiving yards last season with 1,448 yards — a season that trumped the previous four years combined. He has his doubters, but he’s again leading the Broncos in receiving yards, so it’s clear he’s found some new life late in his career.

For the Rams, they’ve already lost Danny Amendola for the season and things definitely have not played out like they would like. The season is still young, however, and perhaps Lloyd can give Josh McDaniels his target as the new Rams offensive coordinator.