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Brandon Lloyd To St. Louis Rams Makes Little Sense For A Young, Winless Team

Josh McDaniels continues to have more sway than he should have. Even after he sunk the Broncos ship for the foreseeable future with questionable draft decisions and an odd eye for talent, McDaniels apparently fooled the St. Louis Rams brass into taking on his former top receiver in Brandon Lloyd via a trade that’s reportedly already set between the two teams.

Lloyd had a spectacular year last season, leading the NFL in receiving yards (1,448) and he’s showing his talents again this season by leading the Broncos in receiving yards in a down year. McDaniels believes in his man, as he should, and thinks he can help create some opportunities for Sam Bradford to succeed in his offense. Adding a dynamic playmaker who already knows the offense and terminology will definitely help an injury depleted Rams team. But is that the right move?

The reality is that the 49ers are running away with the division and showed on Sunday at Ford Field against the Lions that they’re willing to go toe to toe with anyone in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh has his team set on cruise control toward the division lead and the Rams have a long, hard climb if they want to get over it. The Broncos realize they’re also in the basement and are ridding themselves of commodities in hopes for draft picks. That’s exactly what the Rams should be doing at this point.

Then again, they will receive some kind of compensation choice for him if Lloyd walks after the season, but it likely won’t be as high as what they paid. If they can sign him, however, then it’s a good move for all parties involved. But in a losing season, throwing draft picks at a 30-plus player doesn’t make sense on the outside.