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NFL Picks: New York Jets Should Make Rex Ryan-Sized Statement Against Miami Dolphins

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game should be over by the end of the first quarter if you go by the directions these teams are ultimately headed. Rex Ryan of the New York Jets loves to talk it up, but he loves a dynamic defensive performance even more. The Dolphins, meanwhile, are intent on tanking their season by resting the same mantle of leadership on Matt Moore that the Carolina Panthers did just last season. If he can lead two teams to consecutive No. 1 draft picks, that has to count for something, right?

Peter King has the Dolphins winning and apparently tested out his coffee and beer nerd sections at the same time before making that selection. No team is making more of an obvious beeline for the top spot in the draft, while the Jets are still hoping to contend and have something to prove after the first five games of the season so far. Expect the Jets to win big.

Prediction: Jets 30, Dolphins 0