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Brandon Lloyd Officially A St. Louis Ram In Exchange for 2012 Sixth Round Choice

The price is low for a league-leading wide receiver, yet when a team is dumping commodities, beggars can’t be choosers. The Denver Broncos are shipping off Brandon Lloyd — the team’s leading receiver and the overall leader in receiving yards last season — to the St. Louis Rams before the NFL trade deadline tomorrow in exchange for a 2012 sixth round draft choice that conditionally could become a fifth.

The interesting thing is that if St. Louis allows Lloyd to walk after this season and he signs a nice deal elsewhere, they will likely receive a compensation pick around the same rounds anyway. If things play out that way, that means the Rams didn’t lose much at all and grabbed a solid target for Sam Bradford. The NFL season is still young, so they could be aiming for the NFC West since they still have two head to head games against Jim Harbaugh’s resurgent 49ers team.

That said, even if this deal gets Bradford back on track in his development, it’s likely worth that pick. But Lloyd has to be frustrated that he only moves from a one-win team to another that’s yet to even celebrate this season.