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NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs Have Tough Time Moving Up Despite Two Straight Wins At CBS

Pete Prisco isn’t quite buying the Chiefs two-game winning streak. That’s understandable since Kansas City defeated two teams who had yet to win a game. In such instances, someone has to take a win home with them and it was the Chiefs twice in a row. Thus, it’s hard to fault someone for shrugging at both the Vikings and Colts victories. Nevertheless, the upcoming game against Oakland is bound to make for some good football with the interdivision rivalry at stake as well as the Chiefs need to play well against a good team.

Pete Prisco has the Chiefs at No. 25 on his most recent Power Rankings, and he writes, “They beat the Colts before the bye to soothe things, but this is a team a long way away from being considered a contender.” The bye week hopefully brought some new perspective for a team that started poorly and the hope in KC is that it didn’t sap the momentum the team was starting to feel. Steve Breaston and Dwayne Bowe were finding a great chemistry with Matt Cassel, so here’s hoping that keeps going this week.