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No Decision Yet On Whether Missouri Is SEC-Bound Or Not

No news is not necessarily good news, but the Missouri Board of Curators apparently did not reach a formal decision or make any comment concerning Missouri's conference realignment status following a full-day business session today.

University of Missouri-Columbia
University of Missouri-Columbia

The Missouri Board of Curators met today and will do so again tomorrow, but there is no word on any action taken by the curators regarding Missouri's realignment status.  A press conference is scheduled for Friday morning, at which time the board is expected to have comment on the situation.

The board met all day on Thursday at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, but the agenda item relating to the University of Missouri's conference affiliation situation was not scheduled for discussion until later in the day as part of an executive session.

It is not known how much information was presented or the extent of the discussion on the realignment issue during today's closed-door session, but it is not believed that a decision was reached today. And there is uncertainty that there will be any substantive news on the issue after the board meets on Friday.