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NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos Reportedly Wanted Conditional 7th Round Draft Pick For Kyle Orton

Something doesn’t make sense here. Or else, something else is becoming incredibly clear.

The NFL is a quarterback’s league. You have to have a player who can move the sticks under center and the league’s best and worst can likely be separated by the development at the quarterback position. That said, there are a number of teams in the NFL who have no real hope at all at quarterback who stunningly stood still if what Ross Tucker is reporting is true.

Tucker, NFL writer for ESPN, says that the Denver Broncos were so keen to unload their starting quarterback of the last few seasons in Kyle Orton that they would have taken a conditional 7th round choice. A seventh. In other words, nothing.

Orton for (next to) nothing? That doesn’t make sense. Several teams continue to trot out players week after week that have no chance of doing anything but helping them lose. The Dolphins in particular are choosing Matt Moore every week — the same player who helped the Panthers get the first pick in the draft. And it’s with that statement that something becomes quite clear — teams are gunning for last place in the most blatant way possible.

The Dolphins are going after Andrew Luck. Other teams are in the race, but the Dolphins are officially the first to stick a white flag in the ground. Otherwise, you at least trade a conditional seventh for a quarterback with a career .500 record as a starter who is not yet 30 years old with a career touchdown to interception ratio of 79 to 55.

Whether or not Kyle Orton will ever take a team to the Super Bowl, it’s at least clear that he can be a solid signalcaller in the right system and he’s better than his reputation. He’s certainly better than Matt Moore.