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Adam Schefter: Sebastian Janikowski Will Officially Miss Oakland Raiders Game Against Kansas City Chiefs

It’s bad enough for the Oakland Raiders that they will be missing their kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, for this weekend’s game. It’s also clear that it could be several weekends until he’s ready to go again. That’s bad news for a team that is dangerous even from mid-field with Janikowski’s incredible 5 of 6 performance beyond 50 yards this season.

Adam Schefter is now saying that, ‘Raiders bringing in kickers today. They know they might have to shut down Sebastian Janikowski for a few weeks due to hamstring injury." No matter who they’re able to bring in, it’s clear that a major weapon of the Raiders has been shut down at this point. That puts more pressure on the Oakland offense to make sure to get down in the red zone. As if Carson Palmer wasn’t already facing enough as it is.