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Carson Palmer Update: The Decision To Start Is Up To The Raiders' QB

Earlier in the week, we heard Oakland Raiders' head coach Hue Jackson that he and he alone would be the one who decides who will start in place over the injured Jason Campbell in the Raiders upcoming contest versus the Chiefs. Now it looks like the much discussed former Cincinnati Bengals signal caller has the chance to make the decision himself.

ESPN's Colleen Dominguez, who is working the game live today, reported earlier that the question of whether Carson Palmer or Kyle Boller would get the start will be resolved by Palmer himself.

Its a question of who's better prepared to lead the Raiders' to victory, for the short and long term. The shaky and inconsistent Kyle Boller, or a former Pro Bowl quarterback who hasn't seen the field since his days as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals in Carson Palmer?

Kickoff for Chiefs vs. Raiders is at 4:05pm E.T. in Stadium in Oakland.