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NFL Injury Updates: Latest On Matt Ryan, Tim Hightower, Ben Watson

Here's some of the latest on various injuries around the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns all received their fair share of bad news today in their respective games due to injuries to some key players in each game. Here's the latest on various NFL injuries from around the league to keep you up to date with who is hurting and who is out or in with each case.

For the Cleveland Browns, it's clear that tight end Ben Watson likely has some kind of concussion and will be out for the rest of the game with a head injury. For a team with very few receiving options as is, to lose Watson as another target is tough to take, and further pressure is now on the Browns young receiving corps. 

Matt Ryan is the franchise QB for Atlanta, but he rolled his ankle in a nasty incident against the Detroit Lions earlier in the sort of incident that usually takes a player completely out. Yet Ryan walked off the field, albeit gingerly, on his own and trainers are currently working with him. The Falcons entire season lives or dies with Ryan's availability, so clearly this is the worst injury news of the week so far.

Tim Hightower had an incredible game so far for the Washington Redskins with 17 carries for 88 yards, yet Hightower just went down in the game against the Carolina Panthers and was holding his knee.

We'll keep you posted here with further injury updates from today's NFL action.