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Chiefs-Raiders: Matt Cassel Throws Touchdown Pass To Dwayne Bowe For 14-0 Lead

For all of the talk this week about the arrival of Carson Palmer in Oakland and the momentum the team is feeling so far in 2011, it’s been the Kansas City Chiefs who are in full control on the road in today’s action so far. In the first quarter, the Chiefs now have a 14-0 lead after Matt Cassel threw a 16-yard touchdown strike to Dwayne Bowe. It’s Bowe’s fifth touchdown catch of the season. [Editor's note: Play was overturned and Chiefs scored one player later on a fumble recovered in end zone by guard Jon Asamoah.]

The Chiefs have now scored on offense and defense and you have to wonder whether or not Palmer will be coming out soon to replace Kyle Boller. After all, the Raiders have to be careful to not go down too much early in the game as a team predicated on their running game. Then again, the loss of Darren McFadden might change that. The Chiefs have to feel good about the way things are playing out so far in Oakland, that much is for sure.