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Darren McFadden Injury Update: McFadden's Ankle Heavily Taped On Sideline

Paul Gutierrez of Comcast Sports says that Darren McFadden’s ankle is not only wrapped but that it “looks like a mummy” at this point, a sign that the talented Oakland Raiders running back might not be back in the game anytime soon. After he first went out early in the first quarter, he was reported to have sustained a sprained foot and went back in the training room. He did, however, come back out on the sidelines after that.

Still, it might be Michael Bush from this point on for the Raiders who couldn’t put it in with Bush as the primary back on first and goal earlier in the game. Bush has put up good numbers so far, however, carrying 10 times for 78 yards. The Raiders are loaded in the backfield, so they can sustain an injury there, but they’ll need Bush to go all the way if they want to beat the Chiefs here and come back for 14 down.