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Kansas City Chiefs Lead Oakland Raiders 14-0 At Halftime

The Kansas City Chiefs are up 14-0 over the Oakland Raiders on the road in an unlikely first half that featured three interceptions by Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller, one of which was returned for one of KC’s touchdowns by Kendrick Lewis. The other Chiefs touchdown came on a touchdown run by Le’Ron McClain that was actually more of a fumble into the end zone recovered by Jon Asamoah. Either way, it’s an unexpected performance on the road for the Chiefs.

With a Chiefs win today and a Chargers loss to the New York Jets, that means next week’s game against the Chargers could be for the AFC West lead. Then again, there’s still one more half of football left and the Raiders are certainly a formidable team to contend with. On the road, the Chiefs still have their work cut out for them, but they have to be pleased so far.