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Chiefs Vs. Raiders Update: Kyle Boller Still Starting Quarterback For Raiders In Second Half

Perhaps Kyle Boller won a bet somewhere. Perhaps his agent is also the Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson’s agent. But no matter the reason, it’s a head-scratcher for sure given that anyone remotely paying attention to the Raiders game against the Kansas City Chiefs is wondering how Kyle Boller remains in the starting quarterback position above anyone else on the roster — Terrelle Pryor or Carson Palmer included.

For the game so far, Boller is 7 for 14 for 61 yards with 0 touchdowns and three interceptions. This means that Carson Palmer is likely nowhere near as close as anyone originally believed despite the smokescreens given out to the media during the week. When it comes to Boller’s play, he’s done absolutely nothing to make the coaching staff believe in him, meaning the Raiders are woefully short on options under center. As long as Boller is in there, the Raiders’ chances in this game are as poor as his stats.