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Power Rankings: Big 12 Conference Takes Top Spot In ESPN's Conference Rankings

The SEC held the power for one week. And while they still have the overall top two teams in the nation, it’s the Big 12 being celebrated once again as the best overall power conference in college football. Not only do they have heavy hitters like Oklahoma State at the top, but they also have the best depth when analyzed by the supercomputers of ESPN.

As ESPN’s Sharon Katz and Albert Larcada explain, “The Conference Rankings are designed to measure a conference’s relative strength from top to bottom. Seven of the Big 12’s 10 teams have two or fewer losses, and all seven of those schools received at least 25 points in the AP Poll.”

The recent Texas Tech upending of the Oklahoma Sooners is a classic example of just how deep the conference goes.

“Texas Tech’s victory against Oklahoma demonstrated the depth of the Big 12. The Red Raiders were previously 1-2 in Big 12 play, but were able to go on the road and shock one of the top teams in the country. Texas Tech jumped into the AP Top 25 for the first time this season after the victory.”

The SEC is second followed by the Big Ten and the Pac-12.