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Rained Out: World Series Postponed Until Thursday With 50 Percent Chance Of Rain

The hope is that Colby Lewis and Jaime Garcia aren’t too thrown off by the extra day. Either starting pitcher could find a rhythmic interruption, so to speak, but the powers-that-be were more concerned with a possible interruption mid-game, so tonight’s Game 6 match between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals has now been postponed to the same time tomorrow night — 7:05 CT on Thursday.

The league announced the move with the following statement, “Given the desire to play a game of this magnitude without interruption, and an outlook with better conditions over the next two nights, Major League Baseball, along with the Cardinals and the Rangers, determined that making the decision early would be the most prudent course of action to allow fans enough time to plan accordingly.”

The post-season has already been interrupted enough, especially with the Tigers-Yankees series earlier this post-season. It’s understandable then that both teams want the full ability to play without any inclement weather interrupting the game.