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San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers Says 'I'm As Healthy As I've Been Through 6 Weeks'

After his lackluster performance against the New York Jets, it’s clear that Philip Rivers is not Philip Rivers this season. Even though the San Diego Chargers have jumped out to a division lead and stand at 4-2 after six games, one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks seems to lack the proper zip on the ball as he’s had in the past. This leads to being picked off more than normal and subdues the Chargers elite passing attack. However, he swears he’s as healthy as he’s been in years past.

Marty Caswell, reporter for 1090 Sports in San Diego reports that Rivers said, “I’m as healthy as I’ve been through 6 weeks. I’m doing the best I can to lead a 4-2 team.”

That’s interesting to those who notice a definite difference in Rivers this season (i.e. Adam Caplan who says he has less power and torque than normal), and there’s no reason for Rivers to disclose anything that would reveal something to his opponent. He’s still a high talent QB in the NFL, so the Chiefs will have a major challenge on their hands either way.