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Leigh Bodden's Release Creates Secondary Options For Thin Teams Like Kansas City Chiefs

Every team in the NFL could use help in their secondary since the NFL is a passers league. Thus the release of Leigh Bodden from the New England Patriots is a bit suspect given that he’s largely been thought of as a solid member of the Pats’ defensive backfield. That said, if he has something left to offer, you can bet some other team is going to snatch him up. The reasons have not yet been made known, but Bodden was in the second year of a four-year deal with the team. He wasn’t starting for the team, but he’d appeared in five games this season and has 13 tackles to his name.

Last year, Bodden had five interceptions, including one for a touchdown, and 47 tackles. Given his recent production, for a team like the Chiefs, the addition of a guy like Bodden would help strengthen a thin secondary at times since he’s certainly a better option than Travis Daniels or others.