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Could Kansas City Chiefs Benefit From Tashard Choice Release?

Are the Kansas City Chiefs set at running back despite Jamaal Charles’ injury? Certainly the emergence of Jackie Battle over the last two weeks has been a nice development while the Chiefs are on a winning streak. Thomas Jones is still around to provide leadership and a second power back and Le’Ron McClain is also capable of doing the same. But when a player hits the waiver wire like Tashard Choice just did from the Dallas Cowboys, you have to consider what it could add to your team?

For the Chiefs, Choice could bring a solid young addition who could benefit from a change of scenery. Choice is only 27 and has received limited carries in his 3-plus years in the NFL, which leaves plenty of tread on the tires. He was a dynamic runner coming out of Georgia Tech who always held onto the football. His first two years in the NFL featured averages of 5.1 and 5.5 yards/carry, so it’s clear he has the athleticism and agility to move the chains. He’s also a capable receiver out of the backfield.

His stats this year are abysmal — 28 carries for 75 yards. But that’s hardly a sample size worth panicking over. While the Cowboys might be done with him, the NFL is definitely not and some team should take the free chance and see what he can bring to the table.