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BCS Rankings: Oklahoma Called Big Winner Of Weekend After Massive Victory Over Kansas State

The Oklahoma Sooners did what they needed to do: they bounced back. One week after suffering an unexpected defeat at the hands of Texas Tech, the Sooners dominated Kansas State in every facet of a 58-17 win. Now they’re back in the national bowl picture and poised for a monster end of season showdown against Oklahoma State.

That’s what makes Samuel Chi, the BCS Guru for SB Nation, praise Oklahoma as one of the weekend’s biggest winners in the BCS picture. He writes, “Don’t look now, but only a week after its debacle against Texas Tech, OU is back in the BCS title race, as Jeff Anderson of the BCS Anderson & Hester computer so presciently predicted. The Sooners will be just outside of the top 5 and have the highest rank of any one-loss team. A win over Oklahoma State in the season finale, and a few other games going their way … it’s definitely not over for the Sooners.”

With the right luck, the Sooners can still play for the national title. You can bet Bob Stoops is not ready to concede anything just yet with that in mind.