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Matt Moore, Not Tim Tebow, Is Worst Quarterback In The NFL

Tim Tebow is polarizing, and that was the reality before he became the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Some fans scream for him. Other scream against him. But if he has many more performances like the dud he laid against the Detroit Lions yesterday, it's clear that Denver fans might shift to one united side after all. That's what Mike Kiszla of the Denver Post is calling for when he writes that Tim Tebow is now the worst quarterback in the NFL.

It brings up a good question and Tim Tebow might just be the answer. He's looked horrible through 7 of 8 quarters of his last two games and the one team he beat is so clearly throwing their season away to get Andrew Luck that it should be publicly called out and scolded by the NFL and fans in Miami. In other words, Miami would find a way to lose to the Washington Generals (the old team that always lost to the Harlem Globetrotters for those of you under 25). So those Tebow heroics must be understood through a proper lens.

But who else could challenge him? There's one name that should stand tall, in my opinion, above any of the rest. After all, he's going to lead two consecutive franchises to the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft and somehow no one is talking about him. That means not only is Matt Moore a horrible quarterback, but he's forgettably horrible. And somehow, that makes him even worse.

Matt Moore is the quarterback when you no longer have any expectations. You know you're going to lose so you go with Matt Moore. At least with Tim Tebow, you watch to see if he can do something and then get mad. You can only get mad when you expect something to go the opposite way. In other words, you know Tim Tebow at least has the physical skills to generate something good. So when he doesn't, you get upset as a Denver fan.

For Miami Dolphins fans (or the Carolina Panthers fans who came before him), you could care less. You know you're losing. When the Dolphins went up early on the New York Giants, it was an odd display of life that didn't correlate to anything else the team had done. The expectation was that it wouldn't last. Why? Matt Moore is our quarterback and we have our sights set on something bigger in the grand scheme.

Tim Tebow leads to boos and arguments. Matt Moore leads to No. 1 draft picks. There's a big difference between a frustrating quarterback or even a maddening one and Matt Moore. If the Denver Broncos really wanted to tank a season and go for the pot o' gold at the end of the NFL Draft rainbow, Matt Moore was there for the taking this off-season. Only one team grabbed him. And he will once again lead them to the promised land where franchise quarterbacks are born. That's what he does because he's the worst quarterback in the NFL.