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Dan Beebe Must Be Replaced On NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Committee

The Big 12 has already had to replace Dan Beebe once with Chuck Neinas as interim commissioner of the conference. Now someone else from the Big 12 is going to have to replace Beebe on another platform: his position with two years left to go on the NCAA men's basketball selection committee.


ESPN's Andy Katz thinks it could be Oklahoma's Joe Castiglione, the school's athletic director. He writes, "Beebe, who was forced out of his job, can’t serve his final two years on the committee because he is no longer employed. Castiglione has to decide if he wants to finish Beebe’s term or wait for a four or five-year term of his own. Beebe’s spot could go to someone from the Big 12, Big Ten, Sun Belt or MAC since it has to be someone from a football bowl subdivision team or conference."