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NHL Sells All-Star Game Naming Rights To Tim Horton's

In what is a precedent and could be potential slippery slope for naming rights in the future, the NHL All-Star Game in 2012 will be known as the "2012 Tim Horton's NHL All-Star Game'. The move was tweeted by CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell.

Obviously naming rights are the future of sports as more stadiums are falling under the reign of corporate names. What I don't like as a fan is pushing the name of the actual All-Star Game itself under a corporate name. It's fine to name All-Star week events under corporate names (which has been done in the past), but the corporate naming of the game shows that nothing can be untouched by the hand of money.

Overall I understand the idea, I'm just not too excited about eventually having to watch events such as the Buffalo Wild Wings Super Bowl, the Chevrolet World Series, or the Sprite NBA All-Star Game (all hypothetical).