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West Virginia Will Sue The Big East in Order To Join Big 12 Early, According To A Report

It was all good just three days ago, but now the legal teams will do battle to decide the fate between the Big East and West Virginia University. Back on October 28th, West Virginia had agreed to join the reshaped Big 12 conference, thus leaving the Big East in relative shambles after the announcement of Pittsburgh and Syracuse joining the ACC just a few weeks ago.

However, the Big East doesn't plan on following West Virginia's script, as the conference plans to hold WVU to a newly requirement that departing schools remain in the league for 27 months.

"West Virginia is fully aware that the Big East Conference is committed to enforcing the 27-month notification period for members who choose to leave the conference," said league commissioner John Marinatto.

While the smoke clears, its evident that West Virginia is trying to make a break for the Big 12 and begin play in 2012. The Big East is trying to hold the Mountaineers program to their 27-month exit waiting period protocol, although the conference allowed TCU to walk away from the Big East by only paying a $5 million fee. Word is also out that West Virginia would be willing to pay up to four times as much to escape the conference if necessary.

You've got to love conference realignment, right?

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